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Slide Scanning

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What's Included:


  • All work performed in our Annapolis location.

  • Approx. 4,000ppi - 24mp Hi-Resolution (These are professional-quality scans. If your original is sharp and exposed properly, you should be able to print to at least 20-24" from a 35mm slide.)

  • Loose dust/debris removal (we do not deep clean slides) 

  • Post-processing:  slide images are manually rotated for proper orientation, cropped to the edge, and adjusted for color and brightness. (Only minor adjustments are possible with most slides.)  

  • Quantity prices are based on slides of the same size.

  • Most orders ready in 7-10 days.  Rush service is sometimes available. 

  • Price does not include USB flash drive.

      $25 minimum order

Be sure to read the FAQ page!

We offer one of the highest-quality and highest-resolution slide scanning services available anywhere!  If your original slide is sharp and

properly exposed, you will be able to make large wall prints from our scans.


The Process:

  • Your slides are removed from their box, slide tray, or other packaging that you have presented them in.  We try to keep your slides in the categories you have indicated (i.e. "Summer1986" - We reserve the right to limit categories, or charge an additional fee for excessive categories.  Although we try to keep slides in order within each category, we can't guarantee that!)

  • Each slide is individually dusted by hand using an anti-static brush and is then loaded into a carousel.  Once the 80 slide carousel is fully loaded, we use a high speed blower to further remove any loose dust or debris before placing the carousel onto our specialized professional scanner. 

  • We calibrate the alignment and focus, and then start the scanner.  One slide is automatically photographed about every 2-3 seconds until the carousel is completed. Meanwhile, we have been loading more carousels to repeat the process until all of your your slides are digitized. 

  • Once your slides have all been digitized, we upload the images to a computer where we use 2 or 3 specialized software applications to remove black borders, rotate the slides, and apply basic color and brightness adjustments.  

  • Once all the adjustments are finalized, we copy the images to a USB flash drive, print index pages for you (if requested), and complete the process.  We also return your slides to their original packaging.

  • Learn more about Resolution:

       (All prices and specifications are subject to change without notice.)

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