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Photo Restoration


Many of your photos will be in pretty good condition and can be digitized using our volume scanning service – it’s quick and very affordable. However, some of your photos may need custom scanning or copying, and restoration.

There’s no shortage of ways your photographs can be damaged.  They can stick to the glass in a picture frame. They can be damaged by water. They can fade due to exposure from the sun or fluorescent light.  Those are just a few of the ways. Nearly all of us value photographs of our family or of past generations, but most people don’t store their pictures properly. Family pictures often get stained and they warp, discolor, and fade. Worse yet, many get cracked and torn. Not every photo can be restored, but many can. That’s where we can help!


We can copy and restore those old photos so that generations to come can have those memories and family history.


  • Remove or add people or things

  • Colorize a black & white photograph

  • Remove cracks and scratches

  • Add titles, names, and graphics

  • Our goal is to bring your photos back to their original condition when new (if possible).

By using a unique combination of traditional photographic equipment and the latest in computer technology, we can bring your old family pictures back to life! Your original never leaves our studio! 


Every photo will be different, so we will need to see them to give you a firm estimate. Smaller photos that are in pretty good condition but have some minor spots or fading can cost as little as $30.  Photos with considerable damage, especially in critical areas, could be $200 or more to copy, restore, and make new prints.  (The cost will also vary depending on the size of the final prints.)  

See some actual "Before and After" examples below.

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