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8mm and Super 8 Movie
Film Conversion

(16mm film converted by our partner provider)

  • HD (1080p) scans to MPEG-4 format to capture details

  • Our USB flash drives can be played on most computers and Smart TVs, and will hold up to about 2400'.

  • Frame-by-frame scanning

  • Minor cleaning and repairs (splicing) included

  • 3-4" Reels @ $25 ... 5-6" Reels @ $95 ... 7" Reels @ $125  (Volume discounts may be available.)

  • add $19 for 32GB high-speed USB flash drive - holds several hours of film, or about 2400 feet (we also other flash drive capacities).

  • NOTE:  We do not currently offer audio (sound) recording services, but sound is rare on these types of films.  We suggest playing some soft background music while viewing your movies. We hand deliver sound and 16mm films to our partner provider in the Baltimore area.

How to estimate how much film you have:

  • 3 inch Reel = 50 feet (about 3 minutes of recorded film - takes 30+ minutes to convert)

  • 4 inch Reel = 100 feet

  • 5 inch Reel = 200 feet

  • 6 inch Reel = 300 feet

  • 7 inch Reel = 400 feet

8mm film.jpg

What's Included

  • Film is scanned and saved to a USB flash drive (or optional DVD).

  • We attempt to remove dust and debris and make minor film repairs, but we do not offer heavy cleaning. 

  • How Long?  Most orders are ready in 7-10 business days, depending on our workload and schedule. Large orders, or orders requiring special services can take longer. Rush service may be available for smaller orders.

  • We do not copy or scan copyrighted images without a signed release.

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