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Negative Scanning


The days of taking your film to a lab to get prints made are pretty much gone.  Now your negatives need to be converted to digital images to be printed.  However, this does open up new possibilities.  You can print your own photos using your computer, or you can upload them to an online printer and have beautiful coffee table books made to preserve and share your memories with family and friends.


~  NOTE:  We do NOT develop film - We only accept DEVELOPED film.  ~

Click here for a mail-in film developing form by Full Circle in Baltimore

110 / 126 / 127 / 35mm Negatives

1-10 @ $6 per image

11-20 @ $4.50 per image

21+ @ $3 per image

Uncut rolls @ $1 per frame

120 / 220 Medium Format Negatives

1-5 @ $9 per image

6-20 @ $6.50 per image

21+ @ $4 per image

Uncut rolls @ $2 per frame

4x5 Negatives

$9 per image

The Process:

  • We brush each negative (or strip of negatives) with anti-static brushes to remove loose dust(We cannot deep clean negatives.)

  • We place each negative (or strip, for smaller negatives) into a carrier that is backlit with an LED light source (rated at 95CRI), and photograph with a 26 million pixel camera. We save them in RAW image format and then convert to JPEG images as the final output.

  • Once all negatives are scanned, we download them onto a computer.  Using specialized software, we digitally sample the film base and convert each to a positive image.  (Every type and brand of film has to be converted separately.) 

  • We then crop each negative, rotate for proper orientation, and adjust for color, contrast, and brightness.  The whole process can be time consuming. If your original negative was clear and sharp, you should be able to make prints to at least 20 inches from a 35mm negative. 

  • All scanning takes place in-house … we don’t ship out like other places.

  • How Long?  Most orders are ready in 2-3 weeks, depending on our workload and schedule. Large orders, or orders requiring special services can take longer. Smaller orders can sometimes be done quickly.

  • We do not copy or scan copyrighted images without a signed release.

       (All prices and specifications are subject to change without notice.​  Quantity prices are based on negatives of the same size.  )


David Anderson Photography / PhotoScan Express

134 Holiday Ct - Ste 303

Annapolis, MD 21401

(Parole Professional Park - 3rd bldg - Ground floor.

Look for "Photographer" sign above our window.)

By Appointment - Please Schedule HERE

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