Negative Scanning


The Process:

  • Smaller negatives (110 through medium format) are backlit with an LED light source rated at 95CRI, and then digitized using a 20 megapixel camera. These digital images are then uploaded to a computer and each is converted to a positive image using specialized software. Each image is then cropped and adjusted for color, contrast, and brightness.  The whole process can be time consuming. If your original negative was clear and sharp, you should be able to make prints to 11x14 or larger from a 35mm negative. 

  • Larger negatives (4x5 and bigger) are generally scanned using our Epson V850 Pro scanner. Each image is then cropped and adjusted for color, contrast, and brightness. which takes considerable time.  Our standard resolutions will allow you to print very large photos if your original was sharp and properly exposed.

  • All scanning takes place in-house … we don’t ship out like other places.

  • Negatives are rotated for proper orientation.

  • We attempt to remove dust and debris, but we do not offer heavy cleaning. 

  • Basic color and brightness enhancements. 

  • How Long?  Most orders are ready in 7-10 business days, depending on our workload and schedule. Large orders, or orders requiring special services can take longer. Rush service may be available for smaller orders.

  • We do not copy or scan copyrighted images without a signed release.

       (All prices and specifications are subject to change without notice.​  Quantity prices are based on negatives of the same size.  )