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Photo Print Scanning
How much does it cost to scan prints?
  • 3501+ qty. @ 45¢ each (contact us for larger quantities)

  • 1001-3500 qty. @ 55¢ each

  • 251-1000 qty. @ 75¢ each

  • 51-250 qty. @ 99¢ each

  • 6-50 qty. @ $1.99 each

  • 1-5 qty. @ $9 each

Rates include:​

  • We can copy or scan almost any size or type of photograph or other article, but photos must fit certain requirements to qualify for above rates. (Photos must not be fragile or torn, cannot have residue or debris, and must be unmounted and between wallet and 8x10 size, for example.)

  • All prints are scanned at 600 dpi Resolution (save 10¢ per item for 300dpi).

  • All photos are rotated for proper orientation. We auto enhance to improve brightness, color, and fading.  (Some photos may require individual manual adjustment.)

  • FLATBED & SPECIAL HANDLING:  Prints that must be flatbed scanned or copied by using other methods will require additional fees. We can give you a firm quote once we see your items. 

  • ALBUMS:  Prints that are in albums (or that otherwise need special handling) will require additional time and additional fees.  As a general guideline, the costs are usually about double the quantity rates listed above, but that could vary depending on how much extra work and time are required. 

  • Most orders ready in 7-10 business days.

       ($25 minimum order)​

The Process:

  • You bring your loose photos to us grouped in the categories you want to keep them in (i.e. 50 prints in an envelope labeled "Summer1986" - We reserve the right to limit categories, or charge an additional fee for excessive categories.).  We sort the prints by size in each category, dust them off as necessary, and place up to 50 at a time into our high-speed batch scanner.  (Each photo file in that category will be labeled with the appropriate category name.  NOTE:  We cannot keep photos in any specific order within the category.) Each photo is automatically enhanced for color and brightness during the scanning process.  Once each category is completed, we move on to the next grouping until all of your photos have been scanned.

  • Any photos that aren't compatible with the high-speed scanner are individually scanned on a flatbed scanner at additional cost. This could include photos that are damaged, too small, or fragile.  (Photos larger than 8.5x11" can be scanned or photographed at additional cost. We can accommodate virtually any size.)

  • Once all of your photos have been digitized, each is checked for proper rotation and further edited for color and brightness if necessary.

  • All images are then finalized and loaded onto a USB flash drive. We also print out index sheets to make finding specific photos easier for you. 

Be sure to read the FAQ page!

       (All prices and specifications are subject to change without notice.)

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