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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located, and are you locally owned?

David Anderson, a Certified Professional Photographer, owns and operates PhotoScan Express in Annapolis, Maryland.  This is currently our only location.  Many of the "big guys" have websites that make you think they're local when they really are not.  Some of them even have multiple names. If you have heard bad reviews for one of their brands, chances are you will go to a "different" company - beware!

Can I ship my photos to you?  

Yes you can.  Click HERE to fill out an order form and get complete instructions to safely send your items to us.

How do I prepare my Prints for scanning?

  1. Remove all of your photos from albums, if possible. (This can be very time-consuming, if even possible with some albums.  We can perform this service for an additional fee.)

  2. Remove any staples, paper clips, Post-it notes, or other items from your photos (we can scan virtually anything, but things like this adds time and will incur additional fees).

  3. Bundle by size, if possible.  This is not required, but it does make packing easier for you, and scanning easier for us!  

  4. Separate by groups or categories, if you want. 

    • We will keep your photos in LIMITED categories as you present them, if clearly indicated.  (i.e. a group of 50 photos labeled "Summer1986").  Depending on how complicated your order is, there may be an additional fee of $1 to $3 per category.  

    • NOTE: We cannot keep individual prints in order within the group.

    • Use a 3×5 card or similar to label and separate each group, or place each group in a separate envelope or bag, or separate clearly in a box. Do not use Post-it notes.  These tend to fall off, plus we have to remove these to scan and we cannot guarantee we'll get them in the correct location.

  5. Size and other limitations: We can only volume scan square or rectangle prints that are sized from Wallet-size to 8½×11”, and prints that are in good condition.  NOTE: Prints that are too large, too small, mounted in any way, or prints that are excessively curled, torn, or otherwise damaged may need to be scanned individually at additional cost.  We can copy or scan virtually anything, but again, there will be additional fees.

How do I prepare Slides for scanning?

  • Our slide scanning system uses 80 capacity Kodak slide carousels.  If you have those, contact us to learn how to load them to work in our system, and we will knock of another 10¢ per slide!  That's a $200 savings if you bring us 2,000 slides!  (All slides must be the same size to qualify.)

  • Want to borrow some slide carousels to save some money?  We have 20+ slide carousels that you can borrow from us (a $10 deposit per carousel will apply).  We'll show you how to load them, and then when you return the slide trays, we'll credit your order for the amount of the deposit you paid, plus take the 10¢ off per slide!  (All slides must be the same size to qualify.)  Call us to make sure we have enough on hand!  

  • If not in Kodak carousels, large quantities should be organized in a box and turned the same way (writing facing the same direction, and all turned horizontally (landscape oriented) - not vertical.

  • We can remove slides from other types of slide carriers, but there will be an additional fee.  We  can bag and label each batch, but we do not replace slides in other trays or carriers.  

Do you send my original pictures out like most other places?

No!  To prevent loss, your precious originals never leave our studio! (Some of the online places actually send your photos to India! )

How long does it take?

  • Volume scanning can usually be done in 7-10 business days, depending on our workload.  Smaller jobs can sometimes be ready in a few days, and 1-2 day service may be available for rush situations (funerals and memorial services, for example).  

  • Photo Restorations usually take 2-4 weeks.

  • Large orders, or orders that require special services will take longer as well.  Orders that contain multiple categories or types of scanning (i.e.:  Prints and Slides) may also take additional time.

Will I get digital files?

Yes.  We record your digital files to USB flash drives (also called thumb drives).  USBs can be played on virtually any computer, and on most TVs. USBs hold much more data than DVDs, and are compatible with far more devices.  We do not use your USB drives unless they are brand new and in sealed packages.

File Type / Format:  Photo lab use a standard 8-bit JPEG format, which is also our standard format.  If you really want 16-bit, TIF files, or some other format, expect the price to be double due to the extra time and storage space required.  

Video Format:  We output video and movie film conversions to the MP4 standard (MPEG-4).   This format can be played on virtually any computer, and on many smart TVs.  

Will you keep the images on file in case I want more later?

Yes, we keep volume scans on file for a minimum of 90 days. Restorations are kept for one year. For safety, we have automatic data backups daily both on-site, and off-site.

Can you upload my images to the “cloud”?

Yes. We offer a convenient online storage solution. This service not only archives your images, it allows you to share them with family and friends, make prints, or download them. 

Can you copy albums and other items?

Yes.  We can copy albums, paintings, artwork, and most other items.  If it can be scanned or photographed, we can do it!  

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