VHS and Mini DV Video Transfers

We are now offering digital conversion of VHS and Mini DV tapes!  

(We convert VHS and MiniDV tapes in-house.  We outsource other tape sizes.) 

  • VHS tapes are recorded directly to DVDs that can be played in any DVD

       player (in a computer, or attached to a TV).​

  • Mini DV tapes are recorded to USB flash drives that can be played on

       most any computer.  (They can be transferred to DVDs for an additional fee.)        


VHS tape conversion

  • VHS or Mini DV tape (up to 2 hours) @ $25 (+ $19 for 32GB high-speed USB flash drive - will usually hold 10+ hours of video.)  DVDs record only 2-3 hours of video.  

     (All prices and specifications are subject to change without notice.)

What's Included

  • We attempt to make minor repairs (splicing) when needed.  

  • How Long?  Most orders are ready in 7-10 business days, depending on our workload and schedule. Large orders, or orders requiring special services can take longer. Rush service may be available for smaller orders.

  • We do not copy or scan copyrighted images without a signed release.